Baked orange fowl made with panda specific orange chook copycat sauce with an smooth baked recipe that’s less complicated and more healthy than frying in 30 minutes!

This recipe is more healthy because of baking, however has the identical sauce as my traditional panda express orange chicken (copycat) recipe and you must make it right now and serve it with easy chow mein or chinese language fried rice.

Baked orange chicken takes the maximum tough part of making my loopy famous orange chicken recipe out of the equation (that would be the deep frying). The general public don’t like deep frying because it could be dangerous, messy and it takes plenty of oil. This recipe is a lot easier however makes use of the equal delicious sauce you love and easy sufficient for dinner tonight.

The first time you make this recipe make it with this sauce (because yes, it's miles as precise as the panda explicit authentic), however subsequent time attempt making my recipes for general tso’s fowl or easy sesame bird the use of this method for baking the chicken. Whilst you wreck down the panko bread crumbs and make them smaller you gained’t have the spiky texture the majority have when baking with panko, so it will taste and experience more like a classic orange chicken recipe.

Traditional orange hen sauce is made with white sugar however some recipes call for marmalade or brown sugar. The use of the panda express recipe most of the taste comes from garlic, ginger, orange juice, orange zest and sesame oil.

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